Chemical / Petrochemical

A considerable number of companies manufacturing many diverse and sophisticated products rely on the Inversina for their work. Our Inversina is particularly advantageous when perfect uniformity of ingredients is an absolute necessity or when there is simply no other mixing method that can achieve an acceptable level of homogeneity within reasonable time.

A few examples of products mixed in the Inversina from the chemical and petrochemical industries include:

Plastics and polymers
  • Insoluble sulfur for car tires
  • Polymers used for pharmaceutical- or food- grade fluid connectors and hoses

Cement and other construction materials enhancers

High-performance glass products

Products derived from powders dissolved in gel or other oily and viscous substances

And many more!

The Inversina is used by a high number of very successful and distinguished companies all around the world in a large variety of applications. We invite you to visit our Testimonials section. Personal references are available upon request.

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